Train with Meghan:

My approach to fitness is this: daily movement leads to lifelong health. Yes, weight loss and strength gains may be your initial motivation, but living a long, healthy life and feeling good in your body are what will keep you going.  Daily movement encompasses many things, from strength training in a gym to walking with your dog or kids.  Let me help you figure out how to fit more physical activity into your day, and you'll notice the difference.

I strive to meet you where you are; this includes assessing your current fitness level, analyzing what your goals are, and individualizing each workout as a step towards your goals. I believe working out should be fun, challenging and most importantly, something that makes you feel good, no matter what your size or body type.

Private Sessions:

  • Single session $80

  • 5 sessions for $375 ($75/session)

  • Individualized training plans are available for an extra cost

Small Group Sessions:

  • 2 people: Single session $90

  • 2 people: 5 sessions for $400 ($200 each or $40/session)

  • 3-4 people: Flat monthly fee of $120/person (based on 1x/week sessions)

  • Individualized training plans are available for an extra cost

Online Coaching:

  • Distance coaching for those outside the Twin Cities area or who need more flexibility

  • Race training plans (running, x-country skiing, biking, triathlon)

  • $200/month, includes one in-person or Skype training session

  • Contact for more info.