Fall 2019 Strength & Conditioning Class


Fall 2019 Strength & Conditioning Class

from 17.00

Do you need accountability to get into the gym? Do you want to workout with other encouraging, hardworking and fun people? Do you want a class that works WITH you and your body instead of AGAINST you? Then you need to try out our Sunday Strength & Conditioning class this fall!

STRENGTH: Toning is a myth; building and maintaining muscle mass is the name of the game. If you want to feel stronger, be more capable in your daily life, and prevent injury, you need to strength train. As in, lift heavy things and put them down. We’ll do plenty of that in Sunday S&C, as well as show you how to use simple bands, steps, walls, mats, etc. to do the same at home.

CONDITIONING: No, it’s not just more “cardio.” You’ll get your heart rate elevated, learn to be okay with being uncomfortable (it takes practice), and give your heart and lungs the workout they need to keep you happy and healthy. Conditioning can look like short, repeated intervals with rest, longer strength circuits, fast-paced Tabatas or traditional jumping jacks. You’ll see it all in class, but never in the same way twice.

Class Details:

Sundays, 7-8 p.m.

Sept. 8-Dec. 15, 2019. No class Dec. 1st (weekend after Thanksgiving)

Bring a mat (some available at the gym) & water bottle

Payment Options:

Full Session (14 classes): $182

Drop-in Class: $17

First Class Free! E-mail meg@trainermeg.com to get your first free class set up. (New clients only)

Class takes place at Motion, a unique physical therapy gym located in the Vandalia Towers, St. Paul. 550 Vandalia St., Suite 105, St Paul MN. Park in the lot outside Lake Monster Brewing, enter through the doors behind the big red “X” sculpture.

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